RCMC Email Chat List

One of the RCMC member benefits is our RCMC email Chat List. You must first subscribe to the list server before you can participate and access our Chat List (either to send or to receive). Only RCMC members may subscribe.

Den Bair is the RCMC administrator of our Chat List.

To subscribe to this email Chat List group, send an email to:


And you will put on as an authorized user.

Thereafter - Send your email that you want to be re-broadcast to the participating members of the RCMC email Chat List to:


A Chat List like this is simply a software robot that re-sends email from authorized club members to the current address list that it has on file.

Note: Even though the volume of email from our RCMC Chat List is relatively small, not all RCMC members choose to be part of the RCMC Chat List.

Also: Our RCMC Chat List is set-up for text only. It does not support or accept graphics, HTML, or attachments. This choice minimizes some of our virus exposure risk.

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