The following FAQ is presented as a public service of Rose City Motorcycle Club; which, for obvious reasons, can not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented. It is your reponsibility to use your own judgement concerning safety matters, etc. (Please report errors to us by E-mail. If you have any Suggestions for other questions, please submit them as well.

"What are some of the benefits of belonging to RCMC?"
  1. Free entrance into all RCMC sponsored events.
  2. Membership Card
  3. Club Uniform Privilege
  4. Ride the Rose City Oregon 500 the same day
  5. Family Activities
  6. Annual Christmas Banquet
  7. Free Grand Tour Passport
  8. Club Activity Awards
  9. Be on the Mailing list for upcoming events
  10. Great riding partners for all types of motorcycle riding.
  11. New friends who all enjoy riding as much as you do (almost).

"When and Where are your monthly meetings?"

RCMC has a Club Breakfast Social . It is held the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:00 AM.

During breakfast we discuss current and upcoming RCMC events.

After breakfast we usually go for a ride. Stop by! Join us!

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 ALL breakfast meetings are suspended.

"What does it cost to join RCMC?"

$30.00 per person per year for each adult 18 and over. Junior memberships are free to Full Members children (AMA membership is encouraged).

If you are interested in learning more about joining RCMC, see our Join Us page.

"Are there are any special Rules or requirements that I should be aware of?"

Well, here at RCMC we are not big on "rules". In fact we try and avoid them as much as possible. For example, we don't even require that you own a motorcycle. So, there are only 3 "REAL" rules:

  1. RCMC is an AMA club (AMA membership is encouraged but not required).
  2. Each year you have to complete and sign a new membership application form and send it in with your $30.00 annual dues.
  3. "sort of" rule exists regarding RCMC Club Jackets. Actually it is more like a clear understanding. That is that you can decorate your RCMC Club Vest in any way you like, but NOT the RCMC Club Jacket. No pins, patches or any other modifications to the Club Jacket.

"Does RCMC host any events for the motorcycle community at large?"

Yes, annually RCMC hosts 3 events.

We are probably best known for the Oregon 500, a one-day, elapsed time and odometer mileage format, 500 mile tour, always held in May on the Saturday before Mothers Day.

The Rose City 250 is a poker run always held on the first Sunday in April that is not Easter.

The Rose City Grand Tour is a season long tour from April 1st to September 30th covering up to 19 checkpoints in our region of the Pacific Norhtwest and Southwestern Canada.

"Does RCMC have any rules or guidelines for riding in a group, when RCMC rides as a group?"

Yes. Since we frequently ride in groups, RCMC takes a keen interest in safe and enjoyable group riding.

Please take a look at our group riding page for some examples of group riding guidelines we have developed and found effective.

"Are these guidelines universal? Do all clubs or groups ride together the same way?"

No. While the there are some hand signals and procedures that are same or simliar, there are differences from one group to the next. If you are new to a group of riders, we feel that it is very important to have a "Riders Meeting" BEFORE riding together as a group, to go over their usual hand signals, ground rules and expectations. And a "Buddy System" is always a good idea when introducing a new rider who may be unfamilair either with group riding (in general), or to a particluar group that you have not ridden with before.

"Who rents motorcycles in the Portland, Oregon, area?"

This is one of _THE_ most frequently asked E-mail inquiries that Rose City Motorcycle Club (RCMC) gets from non-local sources.

The short answer is that unless you are a HOG member seeking to rent a Harley Davidson motorcycle, there are 2 sources to rent motorycles from in Oregon/Washington area.

If you are a current HOG member then you should know what your options are.

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