RCMC Oregon 500 Confirmations
for 2021
as of :

Participant Name    City, State   Club/Association
Addis, Rich  Hillsboro, OR  WASH CTY ABATE
Alexander, Jay  Long Beach, WA  
Alpernas, Julia  Salem, OR  
Anderson, Jerry  Salem, OR  
Anderson, Steven (Steve) M.  Belfair, WA  AMCA Evergreen Chapter
Ault, Doug  Springfield, OR  
Babcock, Seth  Fairview, OR  
Bader, Richard (Dick) M.  Tigard, OR  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Baker, Todd  Aloha, OR  
Bennett, Milo R.  Port Orchard, WA  
Blum, John  Sandy, OR  ALR Post 180
Bright, William (Bill) A.  Tigard, OR  
Brown, Wayne A.  Deer Park, WA  
Brunelle, James A.  Longview, WA  GWRRA
Bushnell, Shawn  Vancouver, WA  
Campbell, Brian D.  Huson, MT  CONCOURS OWNER GROUP (COG)
Carlson, Laura  Tigard, OR  
Carr, Terence W.  Portland, OR  
Christopher, Ron R.  Keizer, OR  
Cochran, Lawrence  Portland, OR  
Cochran, Nate  Salem, OR  
Cooper, Martin (Marty) L.  Milwaukie, OR  
Cordell, Patrick  Redmond, WA  
Craig, Kevin  Sherwood, OR  
Craig, Ronald (Ron) I.  Portland, OR  BMWROA
Dalby, John K  Hillsboro, OR  
Dallas, Rob  Oak Harbor, WA  
Davis, Terry  Canby, OR  
Dennis, Kimberly (Kim) A.  Woodburn, OR  GWRRA
Dennis, Ronald (Ron) J.  Woodburn, OR  GWRRA
Detwiler, Jeffrey (Jeff) R.  Kalispell, MT  
Deuel, Donald (Don) W.  Arlee, MT  GWRRA Big Sky Chapter
Dewey, Larry C.  Portland, OR  
Dubisar, Daniel (Dan) James  Terrebonne, OR  
Eckles, Stephen F.  Vancouver, WA  TRIUMPH RIDERS ASSN PTLD
Edwards, John  Hubbard, OR  
Eggett, Katherine (Kathy) M.  Vancouver, WA  GWRRA
Eggett, Robert (Bob) E.  Vancouver, WA  GWRRA
Emerson, Kyle  Wilsonville, OR  
Enfield, Brian L.  Tigard, OR  PASADENA MC
Erickson, Harley J.  Aloha, OR  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Erickson, Jon A.  Vancouver, WA  ROSE CITY HOG
Evans, Cheryl  Tillamook, OR  
Evans, Robert C  Tillamook, OR  
Feuz, Lisa  Hillsboro, OR  
Foster, Nancy  Cornelius, OR  
Francis, June E.  Aberdeen, WA  
Francis, Keith K.  Aberdeen, WA  
Francis, Perry W.  Sherwood, OR  HOG
Francis Jr., George W.  Salem, OR  
Francis Sr., George (Bill) W.  Salem, OR  SALEM HOG
Garrard, Robert  Brownsville, OR  
Goin Jr, William (Bill) P.  Gladstone, OR  
Grable, Michael  Oregon City, OR  
Granum, Steven (Steve) E.  Port Angeles, WA  
Green, Mark R.  Vancouver, WA  
Greeno, Dale  Salem, OR  
Grube, Kevin  Happy Valley, OR  
Haapala, John E.  Junction City, OR  
Haapala, Robert  Oregon City, OR  ABATE
Henke, Jeff  Port Angeles, WA  
Henke, Richard (Dick) H.  Port Angeles, WA  
Heppler, Bryce  Arlee, MT  
Hintz, T. Gregory (Greg)  Missoula, MT  GWRRA
Hitchcock, Kc  Sublimity, OR  
Hitchcock, Robert  Sublimity, OR  
Itel, Thomas H.  Sherwood, OR  BMWMOA
Jarnberg, Per-Michael  Portland, OR  
Jennings Sr., David (Dave) L.  Aurora, OR  
Kenney, James (Jim) A.  Wilsonville, OR  CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOC
Lamper, Scot M.  Vancouv3er, WA  BMWROA
Lee, Merrilee A.  Ridgefield, WA  BMWOA
Lee, Richard T.  Ridgefield, WA  BMWOA
Leon Jr., Joseph (Joe) H.  Auburn, WA  GWTA
Lilly, Stephen (Steve) H.  Hillsboro, OR  MOTODUDES
Lueck, Jory  Salem, OR  ALR Post 180
Lund, Philip  Happy Valley, OR  
Luster, Dale  Troutdale, OR  
Maierry, Mark E.  Port Orchard, WA  
Maricelli, Darren E.  Sherwood, OR  
Martin, Kurt D.  Albany, OR  HOG
Martinez, David  Gladstone, OR  
Mattson, Merle Alan  Gresham, OR  BMWRO BMWRA
Mcmahan, Joseph (Joe)  Gresham, OR  
Mcmahan, Parker  Gresham, OR  
Mizar, Jerry L.  Winlock, WA  
Morris, Terry  Milton-Freewater, OR  GWRRA WA R
Nickerson, Mark  Beaverton, OR  
Payne, Dave  Port Orchard, WA  Combat Vets
Pedersen, Richard M  Aloha, OR  CHEHALEM MTN ROAD RIDERS
Peterson, Alex  Vancouver, WA  
Peterson, David W.  Oregon City, OR  Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club
Pond, Dean L.  Missoula, MT  GWRRA
Pond, Sandra (Sandy) L.  Missoula, MT  GWRRA
Presting Jr., Gary L.  Milwaukie, OR  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Radcliff, Teresa  Beaverton, OR  
Radcliff Sr., Keith  Beaverton, OR  
Reeves, Dale  Portland, OR  
Reichert, Ervin L.  Sandy, OR  GWRRA OR I
Reinertson, Mark L.  Eugene, OR  
Reinertson, Rose M.  Eugene, OR  
Rhoads, Richard  Vancouver, WA  
Ripley, Michael  Queen Creek, AZ  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Scott, Martin W.  Beaverton, OR  
Scott, Nancy E.  Beaverton, OR  
Scott, Zachary (Zack) M  Everett, WA  
Sells, Jeremy L.  Portland, OR  
Shay, Michael B.  Portland, OR  
Silkett, Kathryn (Kathy) J.  Maple Valley, WA  SEATTLE CHAPTER HOG
Silkett, Thomas (Tom) O  Maple Valley, WA  SEATTLE CHAPTER HOG
Sinner, Steven (Steve) J.  Molalla, OR  
Solders, Deborah (Deb) E.  Vancouver, WA  Spyder Rider of America (Columbia River Chpt)
Sparks, Robin W.  Gresham, OR  
Springer, Dennis  Salem, OR  
Steiner, James E.  Portland, OR  
Steiner, Rick  Forest Grove, OR  
Steiner, Thomas A.  Portland, OR  
Stockard, William (Shorty) K.  Kalispell, MT  
Stoneking, Kurt  Vancouver, WA  
Story, Ken  Albany, OR  
Swenson, Craig  Albany, OR  
Thorne, Carl T.  Portland, OR  Northwest Carpenters Motorcycle Assoc.
Thorne, Casey  Forest Grove, OR  Northwest Carpenters Motorcycle Assoc.
Tonasket, Ronald J.  Arlee, MT  GWRRA
Tong, Dennis H.  Portland, OR  
Uhacz, Grant  Ridgefield, WA  
Walker, Mckenzie  Hillsboro, OR  
Weeks, Robert (Bob) S.  Camas, WA  
West, Blondin  Portland, OR  
Wood, Bruce E.  Yacolt, WA  Columbia Spyder Ryders

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