RCMC Oregon 250 Confirmations
for 2021
as of :

Participant Name    City, State   Club/Association
Alexander, Jay  Long Beach, WA  
Bader, Richard (Dick) M.  Tigard, OR  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Baker, Todd  Aloha, OR  
Boss, Dan  Tualatin, OR  
Bright, William (Bill) A.  Tigard, OR  
Brunelle, James A.  Longview, WA  GWRRA
Busey, David F.  Washougsl, WA  
Carlson, Laura  Tigard, OR  
Chin, Timothy (Tim)  Arlington, WA  
Cochran, Lawrence  Portland, OR  
Cochran, Nate  Salem, OR  
Cooper, Mark  Tigard, OR  CONCOURS OWNER GROUP (COG)
Cooper, Martin (Marty) L.  Milwaukie, OR  
Dalby, John K  Hillsboro, OR  
Daley, Aaron  Tigard, OR  
Eggett, Katherine (Kathy) M.  Vancouver, WA  GWRRA
Eggett, Robert (Bob) E.  Vancouver, WA  GWRRA
Erickson, Harley J.  Aloha, OR  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Ferris, Blake  Tualatin, OR  
Francis, June E.  Aberdeen, WA  
Francis, Keith K.  Aberdeen, WA  
Francis, Perry W.  Sherwood, OR  HOG
Francis Sr., George (Bill) W.  Salem, OR  SALEM HOG
Frasnelly, Kevin  Mcminville, OR  
Gifford Dc, Ben R.  Stayton, OR  
Giovanniello, Dominick  Beaverton, OR  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Grasnelly, Anthony  Mcminville, OR  
Greene, Mike  Stanwood, WA  
Hardin, Jody  Longview, WA  
Hartley, John  Beaverton, OR  HOG
Hitchcock, Kc  Sublimity, OR  
Hitchcock, Robert  Sublimity, OR  
Holderbaum, Ric  West Linn, OR  BMWOA
Itel, Thomas H.  Sherwood, OR  BMWMOA
Kendall, Jim  Sherwood, OR  
Kenney, James (Jim) A.  Wilsonville, OR  CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOC
Kniebuehler, Curt  Oregon City, OR  
Kniebuehler, Jackson  Oergon City, OR  
Leon Jr., Joseph (Joe) H.  Auburn, WA  GWTA
Lucas, Josh  Yacolt, WA  
Luster, Dale  Troutdale, OR  
Lyda, Al  Hillsboro, OR  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Lyda, Lori  Hillsboro, OR  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Malagamba, Neal  Lake Oswego, OR  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Maricelli, Darren E.  Sherwood, OR  
Mather, Larry  Aloha, OR  SUNSET HOG
Mcalpine, David  Portland, OR  
Meilleur, Steven  Vancouver, WA  
Morris, Terry  Milton-Freewater, OR  GWRRA WA R
Mothers, Michael  Forest Grove, OR  
Noyes, Jeff  Gladstone, OR  
Pedersen, Richard M  Aloha, OR  CHEHALEM MTN ROAD RIDERS
Peterson, David W.  Oregon City, OR  Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club
Philpott, Paul  Rainier, OR  
Presting Jr., Gary L.  Milwaukie, OR  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Provenzano, Amanda  Clackamas, OR  
Rhoads, Richard J.  Vancouver, WA  
Runyan, Stuart  Portland, OR  
Scott, Martin W.  Beaverton, OR  
Scott, Nancy E.  Beaverton, OR  
Seitz, Phillip (Phil) C.  Tigard, OR  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Sells, Jeremy L.  Portland, OR  
Shay, Michael B.  Portland, OR  
Smith, Debra  Hubbard, OR  
Solberg, Cary O.  Portland, OR  ROSE CITY HOG
Solders, Deborah (Deb) E.  Vancouver, WA  Spyder Rider of America (Columbia River Chpt)
Springer, Dennis  Salem, OR  
Steiner, James E.  Portland, OR  
Steiner, Rick  Forest Grove, OR  
Steiner, Thomas A.  Portland, OR  
Stoneking, Kurt  Vancouver, WA  
Tait, Jason  Gladstone, OR  
Thorne, Carl T.  Portland, OR  Northwest Carpenters Motorcycle Assoc.
Thorne, Casey  Forest Grove, OR  Northwest Carpenters Motorcycle Assoc.
Tiller, Bruce A  Wilsonville, OR  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Tiller, Marita  Wilsonville, OR  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Tolbert, Tammy  Gresham, OR  
Tong, Dennis H.  Portland, OR  
Tucker, Calvin  Salem, OR  
Uhacz, Grant  Ridgefield, WA  
Weeks, Robert (Bob) S.  Camas, WA  
Wickersham, Shane  Camas, WA  HOG
Wood, Bruce E.  Yacolt, WA  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Woodson, Paul W.  Hillsboro, OR  

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