ALL Confirmations
for 2018
as of :

Participant Name    Event   Club/Association
Abbey, Ronald (Ron) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Addis, Rich  RCMC Oregon 500  WASH CTY ABATE
Addis, Rich  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  WASH CTY ABATE
Alexander, Jay  RCMC Oregon 250  TRIUMPH RIDERS ASSN PTLD
Alexander, Jay  RCMC Oregon 500  TRIUMPH RIDERS ASSN PTLD
Alexander, Jay  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  TRIUMPH RIDERS ASSN PTLD
Allin, Dale E.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Amann, Edward (Ted) T.  Grand Tour  
Amann Talerroo, Karen  Grand Tour  
Ammon, Jeffrey (Jeff) J.  Grand Tour  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Amorine, Ann  RCMC Oregon 250  
Amorine, Mark  RCMC Oregon 250  
Andrew, Tim  RCMC Oregon 500  
Ault, Al  Grand Tour  
Ault, Carol  Grand Tour  
Ault, Doug  RCMC Oregon 500  
Austin, Eric  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bader, Richard (Dick) M.  Grand Tour  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Bader, Richard (Dick) M.  RCMC Oregon 250  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Bader, Richard (Dick) M.  RCMC Oregon 500  SUNSET CHAPTER BVTN HARLEY
Baker, Todd  RCMC Oregon 500  
Banerjee, Soham  Grand Tour  
Banerjee, Soham  RCMC Oregon 500  
Barber, Rennie  RCMC Oregon 500  
Barber, Rennie  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Barlow, Timothy D.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Barron, William  RCMC Oregon 500  
Barron, William  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Bates, Dewane  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bayless, Aronald (Lowell) L.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Old Coots on Scoots
Becker, John R.  Grand Tour  
Bell, Esther  Grand Tour  
Bell, Gary  Grand Tour  HOG
Bell, Gary  RCMC Oregon 500  HOG
Benfield, Brooke  RCMC Oregon 500  CONCOURS OWNER GROUP (COG)
Bennett, Milo  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bezerra, Eduardo  Grand Tour  
Bezerra, Eduardo  RCMC Oregon 500  
Biros, Peter  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bishop, Steven S.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bitterman, Harold (Hal) K.  Grand Tour  BMWMOA
Bleigh-Cory, Matt H.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Blodgett, Harry  RCMC Oregon 250  
Bloomquist, Jon  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bonnell, Kevin L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bowen, Dave  RCMC Oregon 500  
Branum, James  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bright, William (Bill) A.  Grand Tour  
Bright, William (Bill) A.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Bright, William (Bill) A.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bright, William (Bill) A.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Brock, Edward (Ed) J.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Brock, Marjorie (Marjie) K.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Brooks, Scott  RCMC Oregon 500  
Brooks, Scott  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Brown, David (Dave) L.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Brown, Don L.  RCMC Oregon 500  ROSE CITY HOG
Bruce, James (Jim)  RCMC Oregon 250  
Bruce, James (Jim)  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Brunelle, James A.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Brunken, Jackie Paul  Grand Tour  BMWRO
Budden, Rick  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR G
Budden, Rick  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWRRA OR G
Burns, Michael A.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Bushnell, Shawn  RCMC Oregon 500  
Byron, Elizabeth A.  RCMC Oregon 250  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Cabernoch, Christopher  RCMC Oregon 500  
Caldwell, Mike  RCMC Oregon 500  
Caldwell, Mike  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Campbell, Brian D.  RCMC Oregon 500  CONCOURS OWNER GROUP (COG)
Campbell, Mike  Grand Tour  
Carlson, Carter  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWMOA
Carlson, Laura  Grand Tour  
Carlson, Laura  RCMC Oregon 250  
Carlson, Laura  RCMC Oregon 500  
Carlson, Laura  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Casebolt, Clint  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cauley, Ricky (Rick) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  CMA
Chappelle, Eric (Rick) B.  Grand Tour  Moto Guzzi Owners Club
Christopher, Ron R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Clark, June E.  Grand Tour  WOMEN ON WHEELS
Clarno, Ronald (Ron) P.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Claypoole, Richard (Rick / Gunny) B.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Clegg, Reginald  RCMC Oregon 500  
Clester, Don  Grand Tour  
Coburn, Todd  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cochran, Barbara  RCMC Oregon 250  
Cochran, Barbara  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cochran, Barbara  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Cochran, Lawrence  Grand Tour  
Cochran, Lawrence  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cochran, Nate  RCMC Oregon 250  
Cochran, Nate  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cochran, Nate  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Coday, Kevin  RCMC Oregon 500  
Coffman, Michael (Mike) D.  RCMC Oregon 500  HOG
Coleman, Terry  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cooper, Martin (Marty) L.  Grand Tour  
Cooper, Martin (Marty) L.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Cooper, Mitchell (Mitch) J.  Grand Tour  
Cooper, Mitchell (Mitch) J.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cordell, Patrick  RCMC Oregon 500  
Craig, Kevin  RCMC Oregon 500  
Craig, Randolph (Randy) E.  RCMC Oregon 500  Spyder Rider of America (Columbia River Chpt)
Craig, Ronald (Ron) I.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWROA
Crowley, Kevin  RCMC Oregon 500  
Cunningham, Kenneth (Ken)  RCMC Oregon 500  CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOC
Czmowski, Richard (Dick) L.  Grand Tour  UMCI
Dalby, John K  Grand Tour  
Dalby, John K  RCMC Oregon 250  
Dalby, John K  RCMC Oregon 500  
Dalby, John K  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Daley, Aaron  RCMC Oregon 250  
Daley, Aaron  RCMC Oregon 500  
Darbyshire, Jerry L.  Grand Tour  
Davis, James  RCMC Oregon 250  AMA
Davis, Joshua A.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Davis, Terry  RCMC Oregon 500  
Day, Ron  RCMC Oregon 500  
Day, Ron  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Dean, Charity  RCMC Oregon 250  
Debban, Jacob  RCMC Oregon 500  
Defrancisco, Louis  RCMC Oregon 500  
Dennis, Kimberly (Kim) A.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Dennis, Ronald (Ron) J.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Detwiler, Jeffrey (Jeff) R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Deuel, Donald (Don) W.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA Big Sky Chapter
Devoe, Jiva  RCMC Oregon 250  
Dewey, Larry C.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Dewey, Larry C.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Dorsing, Kim L.  Grand Tour  BMWROA
Downs, Kenneth (Ken) A.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Downs, Kenneth (Ken) A.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWRRA
Downs, Sandra  RCMC Oregon 500  GWTA
Downs, Sandra  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWTA
Dreyer, Mark J.  Grand Tour  Mt St Helens
Dubisar, Daniel (Dan) James  RCMC Oregon 500  
Dunlap, Beckie J.  Grand Tour  STOC
Dunlap, Francis (Butch) M.  Grand Tour  STOC
Dyck, John R.  Grand Tour  
Eckles, Stephen F.  RCMC Oregon 500  TRIUMPH RIDERS ASSN PTLD
Eggett, Robert (Bob) E.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Ellis, John E.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Ellis, John E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Elwess, Tony  RCMC Oregon 500  
Enfield, Brian L.  Grand Tour  PASADENA MC
Enfield, Brian L.  RCMC Oregon 500  PASADENA MC
Erickson, Jon A.  Grand Tour  ROSE CITY HOG
Erickson, Jon A.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  ROSE CITY HOG
Evans, Robert C  RCMC Oregon 500  
Evans, Ronald (Ron) W.  Grand Tour  
Evans, Ronald (Ron) W.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Evans, Ronald (Ron) W.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Everett, Gregory (Greg)  RCMC Oregon 500  Fourstroke Singles National Owners Club
Flannery, Mike  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Flowers, Kevin  RCMC Oregon 500  
Foster, Cynthia (Sam) L.  Grand Tour  
Foster, Nancy  Grand Tour  
Foster, Nancy  RCMC Oregon 500  
Foster, Nancy  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Fowler, Donald  Grand Tour  
Fowler, Donald  RCMC Oregon 250  
Fowler, Donald  RCMC Oregon 500  
Fowler, Roger W.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Fowler, Twyla  Grand Tour  
Fowler, Twyla  RCMC Oregon 250  
Fowler, Twyla  RCMC Oregon 500  
Francis, June E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Francis, Keith K.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Francis, Keith K.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Francis, Perry W.  RCMC Oregon 500  HOG
Francis, Perry W.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  HOG
Francis Sr., George (Bill) W.  Grand Tour  SALEM HOG
Francis Sr., George (Bill) W.  RCMC Oregon 500  SALEM HOG
Francis Sr., George (Bill) W.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  SALEM HOG
Freestone, Colin S.  RCMC Oregon 500  Open Road Riders
Frink, Curtis (Curt) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR G - SALEM
Gade, Bradley (Brad) C.  Grand Tour  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Gade, Bradley (Brad) C.  RCMC Oregon 500  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Gade, Bradley (Brad) C.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Gentry, Christopher  RCMC Oregon 500  
George, Augustine  RCMC Oregon 500  
Goewey, Cindy  RCMC Oregon 500  
Goewey, Cindy  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Gohman, Marcia  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR G - SALEM
Gohman, Marcia  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWRRA OR G - SALEM
Gohman, Michael (Mike) S.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR G - SALEM
Gohman, Michael (Mike) S.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWRRA OR G - SALEM
Goin Jr, William (Bill) P.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR I
Goin Jr, William (Bill) P.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWRRA OR I
Granum, Steven (Steve) E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Grassl, Keri  Grand Tour  
Greber, Lisa  Grand Tour  SOUTHERN CRUISERS
Green, Mark R.  Grand Tour  
Green, Mark R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Green, Mark R.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Green, Wendy S.  Grand Tour  
Green, Wendy S.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Green, Wendy S.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Greeno, Dale  RCMC Oregon 500  
Guillory, Dale R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Guillory, Dana  RCMC Oregon 500  
Haapala, Robert  RCMC Oregon 500  ABATE
Hageman, Carolyn  Grand Tour  CMA
Hamel, Chad J.  Grand Tour  ROSE CITY HOG
Hamel, Chad J.  RCMC Oregon 500  ROSE CITY HOG
Hamel, Chad J.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  ROSE CITY HOG
Harding, Roger E.  Grand Tour  DAWGS
Harman, Jay C.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Harmon, Jerry D.  Grand Tour  UMCI
Harrod, James P.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Harvey, Vernon (Vern)  RCMC Oregon 500  AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS
Hayward, Brian  RCMC Oregon 250  
Heikkila, Donovan (Don) D.  Grand Tour  
Heikkila, Donovan (Don) D.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Heikkila, Donovan (Don) D.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Heikkila, Donovan (Don) D.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Heilman, Shabe M.  Grand Tour  
Henke, Jeff  RCMC Oregon 500  
Henke, Richard (Dick) H.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Henry, Christopher (Chris) C.  RCMC Oregon 250  BMWMOA
Henry, Christopher (Chris) C.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWMOA
Henry, Christopher (Chris) C.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMWMOA
Heppler, Bryce  RCMC Oregon 500  
Hintz, T. Gregory (Greg)  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Hitch, Robert (Bob) Lee  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR I
Holderbaum, Ric  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWOA
Holderbaum, Ric  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMWOA
Holley, Michael (Mike) W.  RCMC Oregon 500  ROSE CITY HOG
Holley, Michael (Mike) W.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  ROSE CITY HOG
Holley, Patrick  RCMC Oregon 250  
Hooper, Sam  RCMC Oregon 500  
Hopper Jr., William (Lee) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Howard, Jeffrey (Jeff) B.  Grand Tour  
Hudson, William (Bill) D.  Grand Tour  
Hunt, Paula  RCMC Oregon 500  
Hunt, Paula  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Itel, Thomas H.  Grand Tour  BMWMOA
Itel, Thomas H.  RCMC Oregon 250  BMWMOA
Itel, Thomas H.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWMOA
Itel, Thomas H.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMWMOA
Jahn, Brian  RCMC Oregon 500  
Jeffery, George W.  Grand Tour  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Jennings Sr., David (Dave) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Joao, Rob  RCMC Oregon 500  
Johansen, Kristi  RCMC Oregon 500  Women of the Rivers
Johnson, Tami  Grand Tour  
Johnston, Jon Paul  Grand Tour  NWMC
Jones, Scott D.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Jordan, Ryan  RCMC Oregon 500  
Kachmer, Dan  RCMC Oregon 500  
Karcher, Kevin G.  Grand Tour  MGNOC
Kemper, Mark C.  Grand Tour  CMA - REDEEMED RIDERS
Kimzey, Rachel  RCMC Oregon 500  Torgue Wenches
Kornegay, Elizabeth (Beth)  Grand Tour  OMRRA
Kouri, Ralph  RCMC Oregon 500  
Kowalski, Ski  Grand Tour  HOG
Kreilich, Jay  RCMC Oregon 500  ROSE CITY HOG
Kreilich, Jay  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  ROSE CITY HOG
La Violette, Donna K.  Grand Tour  
La Violette, Donna K.  RCMC Oregon 250  
La Violette, Donna K.  RCMC Oregon 500  
La Violette, Donna K.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
La Violette, Jay J.  Grand Tour  
La Violette, Jay J.  RCMC Oregon 250  
La Violette, Jay J.  RCMC Oregon 500  
La Violette, Jay J.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Lambach, Stacey  Grand Tour  
Lamper, Scot M.  Grand Tour  BMWROA
Langley, Keith P.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Langley, Laurie K.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Law, Michael (Mike)  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Laxton, Brian  RCMC Oregon 500  
Lee, Merrilee A.  RCMC Oregon 250  BMWOA
Lee, Merrilee A.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWOA
Lee, Richard T.  RCMC Oregon 250  BMWOA
Lee, Richard T.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWOA
Lee, Richard T.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMWOA
Leon Jr., Joseph (Joe) H.  RCMC Oregon 250  GWTA
Leon Jr., Joseph (Joe) H.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWTA
Leon Jr., Joseph (Joe) H.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWTA
Lewis, Mark  RCMC Oregon 250  
Lilly, Stephen (Steve) H.  RCMC Oregon 500  MOTODUDES
Little, Terence (Terry) J.  Grand Tour  
Livermore, Roy (Mike) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Lockwood, Chad  Grand Tour  
Loe, B. J.  Grand Tour  
Loe, Ronald (Ron) A.  Grand Tour  
Loe, Ryan N.  Grand Tour  
Long-Peak, Marissa  Grand Tour  Dykes on Bikes Mc
Lorain, Tammy  Grand Tour  
Lorimor, Scott  Grand Tour  
Lucas, Lateef  RCMC Oregon 500  
Luster, Dale  RCMC Oregon 500  
Luther, Colin  RCMC Oregon 500  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Mac Cracken, William (Bill) B.  Grand Tour  
Malagamba, Neal  RCMC Oregon 250  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Malagamba, Neal  RCMC Oregon 500  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Malagamba, Neal  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Maricelli, Darren E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Maricelli, Darren E.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Markus, Marvin H.  Grand Tour  
Markus, Marvin H.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Martin, Kurt D.  RCMC Oregon 500  HOG
Martinez, David  RCMC Oregon 500  
Matherly, Tine J.  Grand Tour  Puget Sound Enduro Riders
Mattson, Merle Alan  RCMC Oregon 250  BMWRO BMWRA
Mattson, Merle Alan  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWRO BMWRA
Maupin, Wando  RCMC Oregon 500  
Mc Allister, Joshua C.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Mc Allister, Melissa A.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Mc Alpine, David  Grand Tour  
Mc Beth, Robert (Mickey)  Grand Tour  
Mc Beth, Robert (Mickey)  RCMC Oregon 500  
Mc Intosh, Robert C.  Grand Tour  Stumpjumpers M/C
Mc Kay, Michael  RCMC Oregon 250  ABATE
Mckeown, Sean  RCMC Oregon 500  
Mcmahan, Joseph  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Merrell, Dan  RCMC Oregon 250  CMA
Merrell, Dan  RCMC Oregon 500  CMA
Meyer, Craig  Grand Tour  
Meyer, John R.  Grand Tour  
Millard, Steven L.  Grand Tour  Oregon Vintage Riders
Mitchell, Charlie M.  Grand Tour  
Mizar, Jerry L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Moltmann, Karl H.  Grand Tour  United Sidecar Assn
Morris, Terry  Grand Tour  GWRRA WA R
Morris, Terry  RCMC Oregon 250  GWRRA WA R
Morris, Terry  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA WA R
Murphy, Sean  Grand Tour  Sportbikes-ws
Murphy, Thomas (Tom) E.  Grand Tour  
Nash, William (Bill) L.  RCMC Oregon 250  JONES CREEK TRAILRIDERS
Nelson, David  RCMC Oregon 500  
Nestler, Christie Ann  Grand Tour  
Nickerson, Mark  RCMC Oregon 250  
Niebur, Mark  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Norred, Robert (Pappy) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  Old Coots on Scoots
Obi, Manasseh  RCMC Oregon 250  
Olmstead, Matthew H.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Olmstead, Samantha S.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Osborn, James (Jim) D.  Grand Tour  GWRRA
Palmer, Jeff  Grand Tour  
Pauley, Scott A.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Pauley, Scott A.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Peckham, Rick  RCMC Oregon 250  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Pedersen, Richard M  Grand Tour  CHEHALEM MTN ROAD RIDERS
Pedersen, Richard M  RCMC Oregon 250  CHEHALEM MTN ROAD RIDERS
Pedersen, Richard M  RCMC Oregon 500  CHEHALEM MTN ROAD RIDERS
Penrose, Stan D.  Grand Tour  CMA
Perlich, Karl S.  Grand Tour  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Perlich, Karl S.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Perlich, Karl S.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Perry, Robert  RCMC Oregon 500  
Peterson, David W.  Grand Tour  Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club
Peterson, David W.  RCMC Oregon 250  Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club
Peterson, David W.  RCMC Oregon 500  Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club
Peterson, David W.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club
Peterson, Eric  RCMC Oregon 500  
Petrucci, Brian  RCMC Oregon 500  
Pinkerton, Perry  RCMC Oregon 500  Moto Guzzi Owners Club
Pollock, William (Bill)  RCMC Oregon 500  
Polly, William (Bill) M.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Polly, William (Bill) M.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Polly, William (Bill) M.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Pond, Dean L.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Pond, Sandra (Sandy) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Pratt, Ard M  Grand Tour  Blue Knights OR #1
Pratt, Ard M  RCMC Oregon 500  Blue Knights OR #1
Pratt, Carol L.  Grand Tour  Blue Knights OR #1
Pratt, Carol L.  RCMC Oregon 500  Blue Knights OR #1
Presting Jr., Gary L.  Grand Tour  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Presting Jr., Gary L.  RCMC Oregon 250  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Presting Jr., Gary L.  RCMC Oregon 500  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Presting Jr., Gary L.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  TRINTY ROAD RIDERS
Pursley, Christopher (Chris) N.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Pykonen, Eric  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Pykonen, Stephanie  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Radcliff, Teresa  RCMC Oregon 500  
Radcliff, Teresa  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Radcliff Sr., Keith  RCMC Oregon 500  
Radcliff Sr., Keith  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Ramsay, Geoffrey (Jeffer) S.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rawson, Ron  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Ray, Gary  RCMC Oregon 500  
Reece Jr., Sanford (Bud) M.  Grand Tour  
Reeves, Lucas  Grand Tour  
Reichert, Ervin L.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA OR I
Reichert, Ervin L.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  GWRRA OR I
Reinertson, Mark  RCMC Oregon 500  
Reinertson, Rose  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rhoads, Richard J.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rhoads, Richard J.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Rice, Gloria  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rice, Gloria  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Rice, Steven  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rice, Thomas (Tom) L.  Grand Tour  
Rice, Thomas (Tom) L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rice, Thomas (Tom) L.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Richter, Milan  RCMC Oregon 500  
Ripley, Michael  RCMC Oregon 250  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Ripley, Michael  RCMC Oregon 500  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Ripley, Michael  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Roberts, Dean  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Robinson, Cheryl  Grand Tour  
Robinson, Cheryl  RCMC Oregon 500  
Robinson, Cheryl  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Rollock, Ben  RCMC Oregon 250  
Rosendale, Philip B.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Ross, Michael (Mike) T.  Grand Tour  HOG
Rupp, Richard (Rick)  RCMC Oregon 500  
Rust, Camron  Grand Tour  BMWRO
Rust, Camron  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWRO
Rust, Karen  Grand Tour  BMWRO
Ryan, Jan M.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Ryan, Toni W.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Sanchez, Lorna  RCMC Oregon 500  
Sanchez, Stephen(Steve) M.  Grand Tour  CMA
Satter, Stanley (Stan) P.  Grand Tour  AMA
Saulsbury, Gregory (Greg) J.  Grand Tour  
Sayler, John  RCMC Oregon 500  
Sayler, John  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Scarborough, James (Jim) D.  Grand Tour  U.M.C.A.
Schellenberg, K. George  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Schmidt, Kenneth (Ken) W.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Schneider, Donald (Don) L.  Grand Tour  UMCI
Schornstein, Brandon  RCMC Oregon 500  
Schriber, James (Jim) D.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  HOG
Schriber, Susan (Sue) D.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  HOG
Schroder, Ed  RCMC Oregon 500  
Schroder, Ed  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Schulz, Todd R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Schumacher, Cora (Cory) E.  Grand Tour  GWRRA
Schumacher, Wallace (Wally) G.  Grand Tour  GWRRA
Scott, Martin W.  Grand Tour  
Scott, Martin W.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Scott, Martin W.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Scott, Nancy E.  Grand Tour  
Scott, Nancy E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Scott, Nancy E.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Scott, Zachary (Zack) M  Grand Tour  
Scott, Zachary (Zack) M  RCMC Oregon 500  
Seal, Erin  RCMC Oregon 500  
Seal, Erin  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Seal, Leroy  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Seidel, Maryann D.  Grand Tour  BMWMOA
Seidel, Maryann D.  RCMC Oregon 500  BMWMOA
Seidel, Maryann D.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  BMWMOA
Sells, Jeremy L.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Sells, Jeremy L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Sharp, Mary  Grand Tour  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Shaw, Dennis C  Grand Tour  BMWMOA
Shaw, Kristen M.  Grand Tour  
Shay, Michael B.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Shay, Michael B.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Sheller, Brian  RCMC Oregon 500  
Shenk, Bill  Grand Tour  
Silkett, Kathryn (Kathy) J.  RCMC Oregon 500  SEATTLE CHAPTER HOG
Silkett, Thomas (Tom) O  RCMC Oregon 500  SEATTLE CHAPTER HOG
Simmonds, Kyle  Grand Tour  
Simmons, Carrie L.  Grand Tour  
Simmons, Carrie L.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Simmons, Robert  Grand Tour  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Sinner, Steven (Steve) J.  RCMC Oregon 500  COG
Skyba, Richard  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Smelser, Julie  Grand Tour  
Smith, Bradley  RCMC Oregon 500  
Smith, Keith  RCMC Oregon 500  
Smith, Stephen H.  RCMC Oregon 500  ABATE
Smolt, Kimberly  RCMC Oregon 500  
Sparks, Robin W.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Stein, David M.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Steiner, James E.  Grand Tour  
Steiner, James E.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Steiner, James E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Steiner, Rick  Grand Tour  
Steiner, Rick  RCMC Oregon 250  
Steiner, Rick  RCMC Oregon 500  
Steiner, Thomas A.  Grand Tour  
Steiner, Thomas A.  RCMC Oregon 250  
Steiner, Thomas A.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Stevens, Wayne  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  HOG
Stockdale, James L. H.  RCMC Oregon 500  HOG
Stolhand, David R.  Grand Tour  
Stolhand, David R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Stolhand, David R.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Story, Ken  RCMC Oregon 500  
Strum, Donald (Don) Vincent  Grand Tour  
Strum, Donald (Don) Vincent  RCMC Oregon 500  
Strum, Donald (Don) Vincent  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Stumpf, Jerry L.  Grand Tour  
Sweet, Chris  RCMC Oregon 500  
Tait, Jason  RCMC Oregon 500  
Thomas, Robert (Bob) W.  Grand Tour  BMW Riders Of Oregon
Thorne, Carl T.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Tiller, Bruce A  RCMC Oregon 250  TRINITY ROAD RIDERS
Tolbert, Tammy  Grand Tour  
Tolbert, Tammy  RCMC Oregon 500  
Tolbert, Tammy  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Tonasket, Ronald J.  RCMC Oregon 500  GWRRA
Tong, Dennis H.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Tong, Dennis H.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Tracy, Richard  RCMC Oregon 250  
Tracy, Valerie Jill  RCMC Oregon 500  ABATE BikePac
Tracy, Valerie Jill  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  ABATE BikePac
Trevino, Carol D.  RCMC Oregon 500  Old Coots on Scoots
Uhacz, Grant  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Van Riper, David L.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Van Santen, Roger K.  Grand Tour  
Wade, Sheyne  RCMC Oregon 500  
Waldell, Ted  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Walden, Ted  RCMC Oregon 500  
Ward, Joshua  Grand Tour  
Warren, John W.  Grand Tour  MGNOC
Warren, John W.  RCMC Oregon 500  MGNOC
Weeks, Robert (Bob) S.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Weeks, Robert (Bob) S.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Weir, Joseph (Joe) C.  Grand Tour  
Welborn, Bryan R.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Wilson, Dan  RCMC Oregon 250  
Wilson, Dan  RCMC Oregon 500  
Wilson, Dan  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  
Winn, Christopher (Chris) M.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Winn, Nancy  RCMC Oregon 500  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Winn, Nancy  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Wonderly, William (Bill) E.  RCMC Oregon 500  
Wood, Bruce E.  Grand Tour  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Wood, Bruce E.  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Wood, Carla  Grand Tour  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Wood, Carla  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Columbia Spyder Ryders
Wright, James (Jim)  Grand Tour  
Yochelson, Joseph (Joe)  RCMC Oregon 250  
York, Lenord  RCMC/Tourcade Western States 1000  Rose City Motorcycle Club
Youngblood, Lowell  RCMC Oregon 250  
Youngblood, Lowell  RCMC Oregon 500  
Zander, Denny  RCMC Oregon 500  

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